Architecturally designed homes

We specialise in building top-quality, architecturally designed homes. You can use your own architect, or we can suggest someone suited to the type of house you are planning.

Architectural Renovations & Additions

When we say ‘advanced’, we mean twenty steps ahead of the game. Whereas a typical builder or site foreman might be thinking 2-3 steps ahead.

Scrupulous advanced planning

Phil is envisioning every detail of your new home as soon as he sees a set of plans. He works closely with your chosen architect both before and during the build, and commits every detail to memory so that he can effectively manage your project.

His careful scrutiny not only covers the major elements of your home like foundations and cladding, but also the crucial details such as the optimum placement of security gates and audio-visual equipment.

He insists that architects draw everything in advance because we’ve found that’s the only way to effectively troubleshoot any potential problems. It also allows us take small but significant steps such as moving walls as little as 10mm to make sure you’ll never have to look at an awkward tile cut in your new bathroom.

Precision execution

That same attention to detail also gets applied to every element of the build itself.

In describing our award-winning home for the 2013 Master Builders Supreme Award, the judges wrote, ‘this wonderfully constructed home demonstrates an incredibly high level of accuracy throughout’.

A highly skilled team and careful oversight are the key elements to achieving this kind of result.

Our core team of experienced builders have been with us for many years, and are proud to be part of Phil Benton Builders. And when new, carefully-vetted builders come on board, they’re provided with all the training and support they need to ensure they become true craftsmen.

We also have long-established relationships with subcontractors such as plumbers, drainlayers, and electricians, many of whom we’ve worked with for over twenty years.

Those long-term trusted relationships ensure that when Phil calls, they arrive quickly and always do their best work. That keeps everything on schedule, and you’ll get great results on every element of the build.

Transparent communications – on your terms

We’ll always conduct the building process – and our communications with you – on your terms.

If you know exactly what you want and want to get things moving as quickly as possible, we’ll deliver. We’ll keep you in the loop, and execute your plans efficiently and accurately.

But if you’ve got a substantial project in mind that you’d like to muse over for a few months – or even years – we can help there too. Since we specialise in working with clients who are looking for something special, we understand you might want to consider multiple versions of your new home before you arrive at a plan that feels just right.

If that’s the case, we’ll be with you all the way, offering our guidance and expertise where needed, and moving forward at a pace that suits you.

This is the kind of customised service that has won us awards. Are you ready to experience it for yourself? Contact us today to start on the path that leads to your dream home.